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North American Turnkey Provider of Engineered Fall Protection and Custom Steel Fabrication

Safeguard Industries Fall Protection Systems


Engineered Safety Systems

UNI 8™ Overhead Fall Protection System

The Uni 8™ fall restraint product is best suited to modern building projects, refurbishments and can also be used for industrial safety applications.

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Roof Top Anchors

Changes in weather, fragile roof elements, slips and trips, wind and slippery surfaces - all of these can add to the dangers of roof work. Our roof top anchors provide safe, reliable fall protection to ensure compliance and safety.

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Low-Profile Fall Arrest System

The RoofSafe™ Lo-Profile Rail is a quality extruded aluminum rail system, which provides a high level of user safety combined with an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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Unirail™ Fall Protection System

The UniRail™ product is best suited to modern building projects, in particular for internal and external façade access, inspection and maintenance including walkways and suspended gantries.

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RoofSafe Anchor

The advanced RoofSafe™ Anchor design allows customers to benefit from modern roofing design whilst ensuring safety and structural integrity.

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RoofSafe Rail Systems

The RoofSafe™ Rail product is best suited to modern building projects, in particular for roof fall protection, roof access and as an anchor point for suspended work positioning for external façade access, inspection and maintenance.

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Safety solutions for roof access during maintenance and inspection tasks. Our products, including roof anchors, horizontal lifelines & horizontal rail systems offer comprehensive protection for workers on all types of roofs and platforms.

Our expert knowledge and practical experience can help our customers reduce risk and increase safety when working at height. Our comprehensive range of fall arrest and fall protection products offer fully compliant, practical solutions for structures of all types, in all industries. We provide local support and installation services to meet the specific safety objectives of all our customers.