5 Easy-to-Install, OSHA-compliant Products to Make Your Workplace Safer

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There is no doubt that business and building owners want to provide a safe working environment for employees. The doubt comes when trying to figure out how to protect the premises in an OSHA-compliant manner. They are often under pressure to find answers quickly that provide appropriate protection and, it should go without saying, avoid penalties.

Yet, ensuring safety in the workplace, particularly with elevated areas, open edges, unguarded machinery, or where rooftop access is required, can be accomplished quickly and easily.

Investing in easy-to-install fall protection products such as self-closing safety gates, safety railing kits, roof hatch railing kits, skylight fall protection, and deadweight rooftop anchors will enhance the facility’s safety and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

An opening—and closing—for safety gates.

Self-closing safety gates help manage entry zones for authorized personnel and protect workers at elevated areas, such as platforms, ladders, and stairways. An automatic, spring-loaded closing mechanism maintains continuous protection so the worker, perhaps carrying tools, does not have to worry about keeping the gate closed.

Constructed of aluminum or galvanized steel to withstand harsh environments, the gates can be powder coated in safety yellow (or another RAL color) for high visibility. Single-width (39 inches), double-width (up to 70 inches), and full-height (43 inches) models are available.

Gates are cut-to-width on-site—indoors or outside—and will fit round or square surfaces for simple installation. They will integrate seamlessly into guardrail systems.

Guardrail in a box.

Loading docks, open pits, workstation perimeters, dangerous machinery, storage space, designated walkways—several areas in a facility require guardrails but not an extensive guardrail system. A safety railing kit, however, will provide the essential safety barrier and fall protection needed in a handy package.

The guardrail sets, constructed of aluminum or galvanized steel for strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, feature two 6-ft. sections in either a straight kit of 12 continuous feet or a corner kit configuration. Additional 6-ft. extension kits lengthen the protection for straight or corner kits. All railings are powder-coated in safety yellow.

They install easily using a standard hex key to tighten large set screws to affix railing sections through pre-assembled upright posts. Bases are fastened to the floor. No welding is needed.

The upside of roof hatch access.

Roof hatches are convenient for workers to reach the rooftop, but the openings can be a fall hazard if not properly secured. A roof hatch railing kit features grab bars, safety railings, and a self-closing gate to surround the hatch and provide safe ingress and egress.

Kit components are constructed of aluminum or galvanized steel to withstand the weather and provide sturdy support for workers. They are available in configurations to meet all standard roof hatches and connect easily to the hatches.

Skylight, sky bright for safety.

Skylights bring natural light into a facility, but for workers on the rooftop, they pose a significant fall hazard if left unguarded. Two types of skylight fall protection products allow the sun to shine through while keeping workers from falling through.

Skylight screens attach easily to curb-style skylights or skylight installations on standing seam or corrugated metal roofing. They are available in galvanized or stainless steel in several standard sizes. Custom sizes are also available.

Modular, free-standing skylight guardrails lock into position with clamping rings around the perimeter of skylights, roof, or dome lights without damaging the roof. They are sized to fit up to an 8-ft. by 8-ft. footprint and are strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant.

Anchors above, not away.

For workers who perform inspections, maintenance, and repairs to building services equipment on the rooftop, a lifeline system is often used to provide personal fall protection. Lifeline systems must have an OSHA-compliant anchorage capable of supporting at least 5,000 lbs. for each worker attached.

A mobile, deadweight anchor provides a versatile and secure attachment point for vertical or horizontal lifeline systems without penetrating the roof membrane. They feature four rubber-coated base weights with suction cups to apply additional friction to the rooftop. The bases have connecting braces with a center post for the anchorage attachment. The anchor system is installed with simple hand tools and can be disassembled and reassembled throughout the rooftop.

Take the next step for safety.

If workplace safety and fall protection are your responsibilities, contact Safeguard Industries. Our services include a discussion and evaluation of your needs and concerns about regulatory compliance, a site visit to conduct a safety audit, and then developing a plan of action. Our services can include as little or as much as you need, from design, engineering, and fabrication to installation, training, and other support.

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