Modular Access Ramps

You can easily install, modify, or remove them in just one day using only a bolt driver. Our modular access ramps come in various configurations.

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Access Ramps

Ensuring workplaces are access compliant is crucial. Safeguard Safety emphasizes the significance of seamless access in workplaces, essential for regulatory compliance. We design our modular accessibility ramps to meet ADA regulations. These ramps are meticulously detailed to cover various criteria such as slope, width, and handrails, fostering inclusivity among the workforce.

Moreover, the adaptability and ease of installing Rightway Pro ramps make them suitable for different work environments. These ramps can be customized accordingly, whether dealing with limited spaces or extensive areas. Their ADA compliance ensures effective accommodation for all employees, meeting the necessary standards.


Rightway Pro access ramps have the ability to adapt to unforeseen challenges during installation, thereby preventing costly delays.


Rightway Pro Ramps are customized to accommodate level changes, offset surfaces, or any other obstacles that impede safe access. Additionally, they are designed to seamlessly adapt to various challenges, ensuring safe passage.


Rightway Pro ramps build their metal components from aluminum and steel, incorporating a powder-coated finish to ensure durability and longevity. Furthermore, they resist rust and retain their strength irrespective of environmental conditions.

All-Weather Tread

Thanks to our distinctive marine mini-mesh grating, our ramps are less susceptible to ice and snow accumulation. The perforations in the treads facilitate the drainage of melted snow and ice through the mesh holes, guaranteeing safe access throughout the year.

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