Mobile C-Frame Fall Arrest System

Support from below for protection up top.

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Mobile Horizontal Rail System with a small footprint that rolls up to elevated work surfaces.

Freestanding C-Frame Horizontal Rail systems are mobile and versatile solutions designed to be positioned manually, or with the use of a tow bar (optional) and service vehicle. The built-in horizontal rail affords the simplicity of a rail and trolley system keeping your workers safe without interfering with their jobs. The freestanding design utilizes protruding outriggers that extend below the work surface for stability.

Available in adjustable height and fixed height models for a wide variety of applications.


  • Designed to be moved manually or with a tow bar and service vehicle.
  • Retractables must have AAF (average arresting force) of 900 lbs. (4kN) and user weights of 310 lbs. (141 kg) or less.• Designed to be positioned under equipment with minimal ground clearances.
  • Adjustable systems allow rail height to be adjusted by manually cranking the winch—allowing for passage under obstructions and building doorways.
  • Standard systems include one rail with two trolleys and heavy-duty leveling jacks.
  • Rear has 16″ foam filled, front is 8″ urethane swiveling and locking wheel assemblies – check approval drawings.


  • Buses/Flatbed Trailers
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Planes
  • Helicopters

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