OSHA/ANSI Deadweight Anchor System

Non-penetrating rooftop tie off designed for use on roofs with up to a 5 degree pitch.

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Make working at a height much safer with this mobile anchor system.

This freestanding roof anchor system adds OSHA-Compliant tie off anchorages to otherwise unprotected rooftops. Designed with removable base weights and in a kit form, this system is easy to assemble, use, dismantle and store. Used where it is impractical to install traditional fixed posts or rigid anchor posts to the roof or supporting structure. The anchor system has been tested for use on single ply membrane roofs, as well as mineral felt, concrete, and stone chipping (brushed) roofs. The system can be used in both wet and dry conditions.


Rubber-coated base weights with suction cups that apply additional friction to the roof membrane.


Meets all relevant requirements, Exceeds Compliance for North America Regulations Including OSHA, CAL-OSHA, and CSA.


Can support one worker in fall arrest or two workers in fall restraint engineered for all roof types.


Doesn’t require any structural or engineering attachment, making it a non-invasive roof anchor.

Deadweight Anchor

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