Engineered Access Platforms & Work Stands

Purpose-built Access & Maintenance Solutions

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Add safety, compliance, and improved productivity for tech and inspection crews working at height.

Our engineered maintenance stands provide safe access and a secure work platform to work at height. Ideally suited for difficult to reach areas such as machinery, warehouse racking, vehicle maintenance including aircraft, buses and trains and in welding or plastering applications. Platforms can be designed to suit any requirement where off-the-shelf stands and ladders are not available, not appropriate, or not compliant.

Features and Benefits

• Custom-tailored to fit your operations
• Long-lasting and Corrosion-resistant
• Available in lightweight Aluminum or Galvanized Steel
• Short design to delivery lead times
• Arrive pre-assembled / minimal on-site disruption
• OSHA/ANSI compliant

Vehicle & Aircraft Maintenance Platforms

SGI maintenance stands and platforms can be designed for to provide spot access or full-phase to cover all areas of maintenance on fixed and rotor wing aircraft without stand replacement. Decks are non-slip and feature body contour planks, can feature integrated hard mounted electrical and air connections, electrical systems that incorporate GFI and emergency and shut-off switches, and UL approved components.

Permanent Access Platforms

SGI permanent fixed access solutions are custom fabricated access ladders with platforms and feature full railing, guardrail and toeboards to ensure maximum worker safety and safety compliance. Our modular systems can be partially or completely taken apart and transferred to a new location where they can be reassembled. A benefit that’s not available with a welded platform.

Engineered Platforms
Engineered Platforms

Multi-purpose Access Platforms

Although our mobile access platforms are often designed to serve specific needs in shops, warehouses, and industrial facilities, the modular components make it easy to re-engineer the existing platform to meet new requirements. Flexible, yet designed and constructed in accordance with all safety standards. CAD drawings are supplied with each quotation to allow customers to visualize our proposal.

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