Fall Protection for Aircraft: Solutions and Benefits

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Safety takes flight as a top priority for aircraft hangars. The bustling environment, filled with maintenance activities and aircraft operations, demands robust fall protection measures. Ensuring the wellbeing of workers and personnel is not just a necessity but a critical aspect of maintaining a secure and efficient workspace.

Let’s explore some innovative fall protection for aircraft hangars, shedding light on their features and benefits.

Rigid Rail Systems

1. Rigid Rail Systems

Rigid rail systems are robust fall protection solutions consisting of secure rails installed along elevated areas in aircraft hangars. Their sturdy construction provides a continuous safety measure for workers, ensuring a reliable barrier against falls.

Rigid rail systems find applications across various areas within aircraft hangars, including maintenance platforms, aircraft assembly sections, and elevated walkways. Their adaptability makes them a versatile choice for safeguarding workers in different settings.

Access Platforms

2. Access Platforms

Access platforms are elevated structures designed to provide secure entry points to aircraft and maintenance areas. Their features include stable platforms and safety railings, ensuring a safe environment for workers accessing elevated spaces.

These platforms are integral to aircraft hangars, serving as entry points for maintenance crews, ground personnel, and inspection teams. They are strategically placed to facilitate safe and efficient access to various aircraft components.

Cable Based Systems

3. Cable-Based Systems

Cable-based systems are fall protection solutions that involve a mobile trolley moving along a high tension cable. This system allows workers to access various points while maintaining a continuous connection for fall prevention.

Trolley-based systems are employed in aircraft hangars for tasks requiring workers to move horizontally along an elevated work path. These systems are particularly useful in areas with expansive structures, offering optimal coverage.

Single Point Anchors

4. Single Point Anchors

Single-point anchors are individual anchor points that provide a secure connection for personal fall protection equipment. These anchors are strategically placed to offer precise fall arrest capabilities.

Single point anchors find applications in aircraft hangars where workers need precise fall protection at specific workstations, such as aircraft assembly or maintenance areas.

Selecting the Right Work at Height Solution

Have a Short Fall Distance?

Rigid rail systems minimize the distance a person can fall. When clearance and safety zones under the work being conducted are tight, no other system reduces the risk of severe injuries in the event of an accidental fall like engineered rigid rail fall protection.

Need Multiple Hands on a Task?

Simplicity is key when it comes to fall protection solutions. When the conditions call for a team of workers to perform tasks as a unit, purpose-built access platforms provide user-friendly fall protection that requires no specialized gear or training to use. These solutions allow workers to focus on their tasks without unnecessary complications, promoting a seamless and efficient workflow.

Need Something Tough & Reliable?

There are many varieties of near maintenance-free fall protection systems available. When small areas of targeted fall arrest are necessary, for example the kind demanded for tail work, few systems compare to single-point anchors. However, fuselage and wing work requires long spans of continuous fall arrest. When regular inspections are completed by competent persons, the longevity and reliability of an overhead rigid system provide unmatched performance. This reliability across various solutions fosters a secure environment where workers can confidently perform their duties for decades.

Are Your Operations Compliant using Best Practices?

Meeting safety regulations is non-negotiable in aircraft hangars. Safeguard Industries fall protection specialists design according to stringent standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), ANSI and uncompromising private sector and military operations. This commitment to compliance not only protects workers but also aligns with industry guidelines, reinforcing the overall safety culture within the aircraft maintenance environment.

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