GoBox™ Portable Fall Protection System

Portable and Flexible

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Provides Flexibility to Safely Address the Ever Changing Work

The GoBox Portable Fall Protection System is engineered and fabricated by Safeguard Safety Inc. – incorporating the Gorbel® Tether Track™ system – to create a mobile rigid overhead anchorage platform. Approved for use with Self Retractable Lifeline’s (“SRL”) with a maximum arresting force (“M.A.F.”) rating of 900 lbs., the GoBox PFPS allows multiple workers freedom of movement while maintaining 100% tie-off from the moment the user takes their first foot off the ground until they have completed their task and are safely back on the ground. The GoBox PSFS comes with HD Swivel Jacking Castors and Height Adjustable Legs, providing the flexibility to safely address the ever-changing work processes found within industry.


This product meets all applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards for fall protection.

Product Highlights

  • Single or Dual Rail models available
  • Single rail model provides protection for up to 2 workers
  • Dual Rail model provides protection for up to 4 workers (2 per rail)
  • 100% Tie-Off protection
  • Height Adjustable Legs
  • HD Swivel Jacking Castors
  • Range of height adjustment between 19ft. to 24ft. (5.8m to 7.3m)
  • Equipped with the Tether Track™ mobile rigid anchor system from Gorbel
  • Powder-coated finish
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