Two Critical Areas of Fall Protection for the Government and Military

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Who are the “upper echelon” in the government and military – those ultimately responsible for the safety and well-being of our country? 

The executive branch: the president, VP, cabinet members, and closest advisors. This trickles down to governors on the state level and mayors for municipalities. The US military is led by the Joint Chiefs of Staff backed by more than 600 active-duty or general or flag officers

But who works in the upper echelon of dangerous heights – those who perform critical inspections, maintenance, and repairs of aircraft in hangars and on flight lines, and on rooftops to take care of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC), and other building services equipment? 

These workers, whether on the payroll or independent contractors, require fall protection at the highest level of the government and military. 

Hazard Area 1: The Rooftop & Building Facade

From roof access to the roof edge, window washing and the obstacles in between, rooftop work poses significant fall hazards. Whether for routine maintenance or emergency repairs, robust rooftop fall protection solutions are needed to protect workers and contractors. 

  • Rigid Anchors and Davit Arms  
    Rigid anchors feature a variety of mounting and tie-back options to provide a single, secure anchor point for attaching fall protection equipment. Davit Arms & Bases are designed for easy Façade Maintenace, Platform Elevation & Bosun Rigs.
  • Horizontal Lifeline Systems 
    Horizontal lifelines are engineered with strong stainless steel and galvanized steel components to provide freedom of movement for up to three workers. Spans can reach 39 feet between fixed or mobile anchor points. 
  • Perimeter Guardrail Systems 
    The roof edge is the clearest danger for workers, and a modular perimeter safety railing system is the preferred method of fall protection on a flat or low-slope roof. Featuring strong, durable, corrosion-resistant railings and PVC counterweight bases, it installs without penetrating the roof membrane and will protect multiple workers without the need for special equipment or training. 
  • Stepover & Crossover Platforms 
    Pipes, vents, conduits, cables and other obstacles make safe navigation of the rooftop difficult. Stepovers for smaller impediments and crossover platforms for larger obstructions or a change in roof level reduce the risk of trips and falls. The feature anti-slip, non-bounce, self-draining treads for steps and decks supported by galvanized steel frames. Crossovers have guardrails for added fall protection. 
  • Roof Openings 
    Openings such as skylights and roof hatches are significant fall hazards. In fact, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) considers a skylight a hole in the roof that a worker can easily fall through without skylight fall protection. 
    • Skylight Screens are a mesh-style steel frame that installs over curb-style skylights or on standing seam, and rib/corrugated roofs.  
    • Skylight Guardrail is a freestanding railing that surrounds the skylight or roof dome. 
    • Roof Hatch Railing Kits attach to standard roof hatches. They feature a self-closing safety gate to help prevent workers from falling back through the open hatch.

Hazard Area 2: Inside Hangars and on Tarmacs

The need for meticulous inspection and detailed attention to aircraft maintenance and repair is compounded by their sheer size and configuration. The challenges and hazards faced require robust fall protection solutions inside aircraft hangars and on flight lines

  • Self-Supported Rigid Rail 
    Military aircraft in the field do not always have the luxury of parking in a permanent hangar or structure that can support a dynamic load. In tented hangars, overhead tasks can be performed from self-supported rigid rails that have the strength and flexibility to support workers.
  • Structure-Mounted Rigid Rail 
    Where safety margins below the work being performed are tight and a team of workers is needed, custom rigid rail is a track-and-trolley system designed to meet the specific needs of the hangar. Systems can support up to eight workers and have a 1:100 movement-to-weight ratio to keep the lifeline directly overhead, thus eliminating in-line swing-fall. 
  • Mobile Fall Arrest Systems
    Military preparedness often depends on maintenance preparedness and the versatility of a wide range of mobile fall arrest systems to adapt to the working circumstances and environment.
    • A-Frames are designed for manual positioning and are rated for two users. 
    • C-Frames are designed for tight spaces, with the support structure able to slide in underneath.  
    • Quad Systems with engineered anchor points straddle the work surface to manage tasks in challenging environments. 
    • Counterweight Rails combine optimal positioning and maximum safe working coverage.  
  • Mobile Jib Systems are a simple and flexible overhead work solution for one or two users.  
  • A 4X4 All-Terrain Vehicle reaches difficult areas and have a telescoping mast with capability to accommodate up to four workers. 
  • A Trailer System provides overhead anchors virtually anywhere. 
  • Single-Point Anchors 
    For stability in tight areas, a single-point anchor is a fixed, permanent anchorage solution. 
  • Work Stands & Platforms 
    Elevated work stands and platforms are engineered to provide access to various sections of the aircraft. They enable personnel to work comfortably at the necessary height. 

Take the next step for safety.

Inspections, maintenance, and repairs for aircraft and building services equipment on rooftops are hazardous jobs that require effective fall protection measures. 

If you’re responsible for fall protection at your facility, contact Safeguard Industries. Our services include a discussion and evaluation of your needs and concerns about regulatory compliance, a site visit to conduct a safety audit, and developing a plan of action. 

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