KeeWalk Roof Walkways

Modular, Safe, & Compliant Rooftop Walking Surface

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A fall protection solution consisting of walkway with optional guardrail installed quickly and easily on a wide variety of roofs.

The KeeWalk with Guardrail system from Safeguard Industries is 2 Safety Solutions in 1 Integrated System. KeeWalk with integrated guardrail is a modular, OSHA compliant approach to fall protection. It provides a secure pathway on the rooftop with the added security of a single or dual-sided handrail system. 

It is a safe, compliant, and modular approach to guardrail protection and eliminates the fall hazard typically present when workers are exposed to an unprotected edge while accessing or egressing a roof top. The KeeWalk Walkway is cost-effective, non-corrosive protection of the highest order while maintaining simple and quick installs. 

Optimized Rooftop Safety for Workers 

A slip resistant walkway with guardrail is the preferred fall protection system as dictated in the hierarchy of control measures; it provides the highest level of collective fall prevention for roof access and work at height. 

KeeWalk walkways provide a defined and secure route across the roof keeping users safe from the associated hazards when working at height without the need to fall arrest personal protection equipment (PPE) or harnesses. 

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Providing Fall Protection for International Brands