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North American Turnkey Provider of Engineered Fall Protection and Custom Steel Fabrication

Safeguard Industries Fall Protection Systems


Fall Protection Systems

ManSafe for Ladders

ManSafe for Ladders systems provide outstanding personal safety for individuals working on any type of fixed ladder.

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ManSafe Sealed SRLs

ManSafe Sealed SRLs are the most advanced sealed SRL available. The combination of innovative engineering, superior materials and cutting-edge design has resulted in a sealed retractable lifeline suitable for even the harshest environment which is easily serviceable on-site by a trained user.

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Oil & Gas Applications

Whether you are working offshore or onshore, we have a range of ManSafe fall protection systems and products suitable for use within the harsh environments such as on oil platforms. Whether requiring fall protection to carry out general maintenance, rig up and rig down activities, servicing the pipe racks or ascending/descending the derrick ladder, Latchways will have a suitable fall protection solution available.

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ManSafe Standard SRLs

ManSafe SRLs are the most advanced self-retracting lifelines (SRLs) on the market through a combination of innovative engineering, superior materials and futuristic design. The modular construction of a ManSafe Self-Retracting Lifeline not only preserves the quality of the product but also allows for quick and easy inspection—as well as full on-site recertification.

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ManSafe Overhead Systems

ManSafe overhead systems are ideal for industrial environments and in applications such as warehouses and loading bays. In the event of a fall by a worker connected to the system, the Transfastener instantly locks on the cable to arrest the fall while the Constant Force energy absorber controls the load on the system.

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ManSafe Constant Force Posts for Roofing

Constant Force posts are designed to suit all common roof types and all major roofing manufacturers systems. Roof types include: standing seam roofing, composite roofing, built-up-on-site roofing, secret-fix roofing and membrane roofing.

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All around the world, people work safely at height thanks to ManSafe fall protection systems and access solutions.
You’ll find ManSafe solutions throughout the aerospace, power transmission, utilities and telecommunications sectors. They are used in every conceivable facet of industry, and they are integrated with all the major contemporary roofing systems. In fact, ManSafe solutions are trusted to ensure worker safety on an extraordinarily wide range of buildings, towers, bridges and structures. Depending on your requirement, you can specify a ManSafe system to work horizontally, vertically, along inclines and overhead. It can be a permanent installation to meet a regular need, a temporary unit for one-off activities or even an eyebolt system for working from inside out.