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Safeguard Industries can offer a complete solution for your fall protection needs when it comes to pipe racks. There are a number of options available to gain safe access. Worker access to valves & equipment along any pipe rack can be very dangerous. A typical solution would be a multi-pass-through horizontal lifeline, attached to custom steel fabricated supports. Often steel fabricated platforms and ladders are also installed to provide appropriate walking and/or climbing surfaces.offers the most innovative and inherently safe solutions for working at height within the oil and gas sector. Our product range will ensure the safety of workers in the harshest environments. These products are complemented by a number of value added services such as training, recertification, specification and a fully integrated in-house customer service team. These products can be used in a number of different scenarios ranging from general maintenance to rig up and rig down activity, servicing the pipe racks and ascending / descending the derrick ladder.

Rooftop Horizontal Lifeline

Horizontal Lifeline Systems (HLL)

A Horizontal Lifeline System provides customers with reliable engineered solutions for employees who are at risk of a fall while working at height. A Horizontal Lifeline System (HLL) includes a flexible line such as wire, rope or cable, with connectors at both ends for securing it horizontally between two anchorages or anchorage connectors.

There are two types of horizontal lifeline applications – permanent and temporary. A permanent horizontal lifeline is installed into a structure as a permanent anchor point. A temporary HLL means the system is easy to install and remove. For versatility, it can also be used on more than one jobsite.  Applications include construction, building and roof maintenance and inspection tasks. Whatever the task, whatever the environment, Safeguard has a suitable fall protection solution available.

For oil and gas applications, vertical, horizontal and overhead cable fall protection systems can be designed to follow the often complex contours found on rigs, pipe racks, flare stacks, derrick ladders and gantries. These systems have proven reliability in the worst climatic and environmental conditions, both onshore and offshore.


These products meets all applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards for fall protection.

ManSafe SRLs

The ManSafe Sealed SRLs (self retracting lifelines/inertia reels) provide the perfect fall protection solution for use in and around drilling platforms such as on the derrick or rig crown and ideally for all offshore work. Standard ManSafe SRLs feature a user friendly, 100% reliable locking mechanism, which needs only a visual, audible and tactile inspection on an annual basis. Their user-friendly modern design means the inspection and maintenance can conveniently be done onsite. This saves both time and expense by avoiding offsite recalibration/maintenance because the devices can remain on the rig.

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Custom Fabrication

Safeguard operates a certified CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) state of the art fabrication facility. We offer custom steel fabrication services to meet your facility requirement needs.  including handrails, stairs, ladders, platforms, railings and many other safety related products. We also fabricate custom equipment such as jib arms, gantry cranes and several other material handling solutions. Popular finish options are primer, safety yellow, safety green and hot dip galvanized.

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