Rooftop Stepover Platforms

Rooftop Crossovers: Safe Access Up and Over Rooftop Obstructions

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Get Over It.
Safe Access Platforms are custom built solutions that meet the specific requirements of your rooftop surface and provide a safe route over pipework, HVAC and other rooftop obstructions. All Safeguard Industries platforms are engineered to meet OSHA safety standards and designed for maximum durability. 

We’ve Got This.
Every rooftop is different. Shape and surface transitions require a step-over system that securely maneuvers changes in level and height. Safe Access Platforms exceed the capabilities of other customized, fabricated, off-the-shelf platforms. 

Stepover Platofrms

Powerfully Uncomplicated
Each Safe Access Platform is specifically designed to suit your unique applications and criteria. Utilizing modular components allows us to design secure structures that are reliable, flexible and support your critical safety needs. With minimal on-site disruption, that makes installation easy. 

• Available in Aluminum or Galvanized Steel for long lasting protection
• Modular system is fully customizable
• Deliverable as pre-assembled, or modular sections or in flat pack containers
• Compliant with OSHA safety standards

Safety Through Integration
Using Crossovers may provide a safe and efficient path across the rooftop than was previously possible. Optimum fall protection requires seamless integration with products that are engineered to save lives. Safe Access Platforms work with Kee Walk, KeeLine and Kee Guard fall protection systems to establish a secure and dependable work space on the roof.

• Excellent strength and corrosion resistance
• Non-penetrating system: no roof leaks
• Modular components for easy installation
• Approved for all roof types

Stepover Platofrms

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