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Rigid Roof Anchor : Cast-In-Place Concrete

Product Highlights:
  • Designed to resist up to 24kN (5400 lbf) in any direction without fracture and/or pullout.
  • 11.1kN (2500lbf) without any deformation of any component of the system.
  • Features SSI Forged D-Ring
  • HSS cavity filled with polyurethane insulation
  • High-strength threaded rods and hardware
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel exterior
  • Comes with custom spun aluminum flashing & EPDM grommet seal.


  • CAN/CSA-Z91-02: Health & Safety Code for Suspended Equipment Operations
  • CAN/CSA-Z271-98: Safety Code for Suspended Elevating Platforms
  • CAN/CSA-Z259-M1979: Fall Arresting Devices, Personnel Lowering Devices and Lifelines.


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