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North American Turnkey Provider of Engineered Fall Protection and Custom Steel Fabrication

Safeguard Industries Fall Protection Systems

  This product is ideal for Safeguard Rigid Roof Anchors

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Safeguard T150 Spun Aluminum Roof Anchor Flashing

The Safeguard T150 Spun Aluminum Roof Anchor Flashing is made from 1100-T Alloy Aluminum as per CSA B272-93. The EPDM grommet creates a water-tight seal against a roof anchor to prevent potential leaks. The Polyurethane insulation is standard on all T150 flashings. Safeguard Roof Anchor Flashings must be installed by a qualified roofing contractor. Please contact Safeguard for more information.

Product Highlights:
  • Spun Aluminum flashings to be 1100-T alloy as per CSA B272-93
  • EPDM grommet seal to be watertight against a roof anchor
  • Polyurethane insulation standard on all T150 flashings
  • Installation to be performed by a qualified roofing contractor
  • Contact Safeguard Industries for additional information.