Uniline™ Unirail Fall Protection System

The UniRail™ system consists of a high grade, extruded aluminum rail and is best suited to modern building projects.

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The system is best used for internal and external facade access, inspection and maintenance, including walkways and suspended gantries. The system has also been used extensively for suspended access work by rope access technicians, as it meets the requirements of both abseil and fall protection standards. The system includes a free flowing carriage which is capable of navigating corners and contours in a building or structure to provide complete flexibility for the end user.

Specifications & Standards

  • Materials: 316 Stainless Steel / High Grade Aluminum
  • Finish: Electro-polished / Anodized
  • Quality Controlled: 100% Visual Inspection
  • Conformity: EN 795:1996 Class D, OSHA 1926.502 & 1915.159, ANSI/ASSE A10.32

Product Highlights

  • Typically used for walkways and gantries, building maintenance, water treatment tanks, storage vessels, marine vessels, wind turbine safety, etc.
  • Capable of navigating complex building corners and contours for complete flexibility.
  • Unobtrusive, low profile design unaffected by wind oscillation.
  • System designed for both work restraint and fall arrest.
  • Custom parts for wind energy (ANSI rated) and marine pilot (clamps, custom stainless steel) boats.
  • Product design and fixing centers reduce structural loading and increase adaptability to building or structural tolerances.
  • The main rail floats in its fixings to mitigate the effects of thermal expansion and contraction.

Key Features


Globally compliant – EN795, OSHA/ANSI Compliant


Carriage has an ultimate strength of over 3,300 lbs. (15kN)


Modular system design makes it easy to spec into jobs and install on-site.

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