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OSHA-Compliant Overhead Fall Arrest Systems Made-to-Order.

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Keep Work at Height Safe for Years

When combined with the appropriate user equipment and training, no other fall arrest system provides greater safety and performance than a Safeguard Industries rigid rail lifeline solution. Because of their limited deflection and short fall clearance requirements, rigid rail solutions are ideal when the safety margins below the work being performed are tight and teamed maintenance is required. Our track and trolley systems are often designed to support multiple users in bypass to ensure workers are always tied off and retractable lifelines always remain overhead eliminating potential injury and in-line swing fall.

Benefits of Safeguard Rigid Rail Systems:

Easy To Use – Although fall arrest systems require proper safety training and a rescue procedure, rigid rail systems are a completely hands-free solution that enable users to concentrate on the task at hand.

Increased Productivity – Rigid Rail systems are designed to support as many as 8 users with optional by-pass on a single overhead solution enabling more efficient and effective work routines without jeopardizing safety.

Shorter Fall Distance – Rigid rail systems have the advantage over cable-based lifeline systems because they reduce fall distance and are often preferred when work is performed less than 12ā€™ above a lower level.

Reliable – Our enclosed track rigid rail systems are the most reliable engineered fall protection in use today and the 1:100 movement-to-weight ratio keeps the lifeline directly overhead eliminating in-line swing fall.

System Features:

  • Enclosed track provides 1:100 movement-to-weight ratio.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized and/or painted for added durability and corrosion control.
  • Trolley wheels feature sealed bearings, resulting in years of maintenance-free use.
  • Systems are modular and designed in unlimited lengths.

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