Lifeline Fall Protection Systems

Continuous OSHA/ANSI fall protection in overhead, wall-mounted, rooftop, and vertical applications.

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Systems for Those Putting Their Life on The Line

Preferred for their practicality in scenarios where a safety railing or rigid rail systems are less feasible, Safeguard lifelines systems are an economical and efficient means of tie off for workers in a variety of applications including Horizontal Lifeline, Wall-Mounted Lifeline, Overhead Lifeline, and Vertical Lifeline.

Lifeline fall arrest systems are ideal solution when workers need full mobility, unencumbered range of motion, and two free hands to perform loading and unloading, inspecting, maintaining and repairing tasks. Currently in use on rooftops, over railcars, aircraft and trailers, along pipe racks, on overhead cranes and cell phone towers, our OSHA/ANSI compliant lifeline systems protect work at height in a range of industries throughout North America.

Safeguard designs, fabricates, supplies, installs, inspects and repairs a range of lifeline systems. We supply all the associated PPE, SRLs and harnesses. As a final step we run authorized users through training and pre-use inspection process to deliver ready-to-use systems on day one. A critical part of our close out procedure is to schedule annual fall protection inspections to ensure systems remain safe and complaint for years to come.

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