Railcar Fall Protection

Safety solutions to protect workers as they load, unload, maintain and inspect railcars & tankers.

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Overhead Fall Protection & Access Platforms for Railcars

Safeguard fall protection specialists and engineers understand the unique challenges and specialized safety requirements for work that requires access the tops of railcars. From single-span cable to multi-user rigid rail systems, our systems assist in working over tanker, spine, and hopper cars, helps customers overcome application challenges and provides safe, compliant, and trouble-free operation.

OSHA Regulations & ANSI Standards

• Walk / Working Surfaces OSHA 1910 – OSHA defines walking-working surfaces as “any horizontal or vertical surface on or through which an employee walks, works, or gains access to a work area or workplace location.” OSHA regulations related to walking-working surfaces help lessen the annual number of deaths and injuries caused by slip, trip, and fall hazards. Having proper fall protection in place that is OSHA-compliant will help your employees and your overall business.

• ANSI/ASSP Z359 Fall Protection  – fall protection and fall restraint standards address fall protection equipment and systems for climbing, work positioning, fall arrest, rescue, evacuation and other fall hazards. These standards also address training, and how to identify and abate hazards to prevent injuries when working at height.

Custom Rigid Rail Solutions for Railcars

Our overhead rigid rail fall arrest solutions are designed to either attach to existing building structures or be self-supported using custom steel structures and concrete foundations. Rigid systems are ideal for railcar work because they provide hands-free travel, require very short arrest distances and are designed to ensure the trolley, lanyard, and SRL are always overhead to prevent swing fall. Systems are provided as single rail or dual rail and even triple rail to support multiple users with bypass resulting in increased safety and productivity.

Rigid Rail Fall Protection

Custom Cable-based Solutions for Railcars

Our single span and mutli-span overhead lifeline systems for railcar are economical, cable-based, stainless steel fall arrest systems that provide fall protection for up to three users for 200 feet. These overhead lifeline systems include built-in user-friendly tension indicators, and in-line energy absorbers to reduce end loads. Safeguard can design these systems to attach to existing building structures or be self-supported via steel uprights and footings.

Custom Permanent Access Platforms for Railcars

Safeguard’s engineering team designs access platforms to accommodate a variety of loading and unloading tasks to provide safe and efficient access. Our designs include single hatch access platforms, multi-station loading systems, gangways, and integrated canopy systems.

Platforms & Work Stands

Uni 8™ Overhead Fall Protection System

The Uni 8™ Overhead system meets the needs of transport and industrial customers including trucks, trains and aircraft, crane walkways and loading bays. This system also has applications in the entertainment and arena industry. The benefit of this system support heavy fall arrest and controlled rate descent devices, and ensures free and unhindered movement for workers when carrying out work at height.

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ManSafe™ Overhead Systems

ManSafe™ Overhead Systems provide maximum accessibility and hands-free mobility for workers at height to safely go about their duties. ManSafe™ systems are ideal for industrial and transportation environments where work is conducted in warehouses and loading bays. With a ManSafe™ overhead system the Constant Force technology is housed in an in-line energy absorber. If a connected worker falls, the Latchways Transfastener instantly locks on the cable to arrest the fall while the Constant Force energy absorber controls the load on the system.

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