Wall-Mounted Horizontal Lifelines

Versatile OSHA-compliant fall arrest and fall restraint options for a variety of industries and applications.

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Wall-Mounted Lifeline Arrest & Restraint Systems

These linear anchoring devices are mounted against a wall often providing continuous runs of restraint or arrest protection. When practical, Safeguard eliminates the need to disconnect from the system at intermediates and other fixing points of the anchorage. It is normally essential to include energy (or shock) absorbers within the Horizontal Lifeline System when designed to provide Fall Arrest in addition to those within the workers’ PPE. Without such absorbers, the Horizontal Lifeline cannot deform significantly when arresting the fall. Because of the geometry of pulling across the horizontal lifeline, this in turn results in large resolved forces being generated within the anchor system, sufficient to cause failure of the anchorage. This can occur even with energy absorbers being included in the PPE of the worker.

Rooftop Fall Protection Solutions

For more than two decades, SafeGuard Industries active and passive fall protection systems have set new standards in engineering and manufacturing excellence.

A rigid post anchor offering that is unmatched in the industry, a wide variety of innovative freestanding and non-penetrating leading edge fall products, and user-focused support services all serve to provide our customers with a single source for effective and practical solutions to meet regulatory compliance, provide safe access, and protect work at height.

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