Temporary Rooftop Safety Rails

Secure your rooftop with our temporary freestanding roof railing. OSHA compliant, versatile, and long-lasting.

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Free standing roof edge safety rail that doesn’t penetrate the roof.

KeeGuard Contractor is a mobile guardrail system that is made up of modular sections and weights that can easily be assembled, disassembled, and moved to where it’s needed. It’s an efficient and costeffective solution when a safety railing system is needed temporarily. Meets OSHA construction industry standards. 

Portable Guardrail System Advantages and Specifications 

Freestanding with no need for any connections to, or penetration of the roof surface. Uprights are held in place by steel galvanized collars and set screws. The system is sturdy like permanent railing, but can easily be adjusted or moved when necessary. Only a standard torque wrench or hex key is required for assembly or disassembly. 

Portable Guardrail

KeeGuard Contractor Benefits 

• Meets OSHA regulations for fall protection with a temporary, portable railing system
• All guardrail components are galvanized for extreme durability
• Base weights constructed from recycled PVC for long life and no rusting
• Modular design or fast assembly using a torque wrench or hex key  

KeeGuard Contractor Engineering 

• Strong, galvanized finish
• Available in Powder Coated safety yellow
• 98 lb. base ensures stability
• Base weights incorporate comfortable carrying handles for easy portability
• Complete with slots for optional toeboard 

Portable Guardrail

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