Fall Protection for Aircraft Hangars

Protect maintenance and inspection crews working at height in hangars and over runways.

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Safeguard has designed and installed a range of fall protection systems to protect aviation techs and mechanics performing inspection, maintenance, repair, and overhaul work at height for both fixed-wing and rotary commercial and private aircraft. Systems that ensure worker safety, reduce maintenance time and technician fatigue.

Many factors are taken into consideration when designing fall protection systems, including fall distance, number of users, aircraft locations, and future expansion.  Our trolley-based overhead systems, single point anchors and work platforms are designed to meet regulatory OSHA/CSA compliance and assist operations in applying ANSI best practices.

Whether work behavior requires active fall arrest, work restraint, or passive/collective systems or a combination of systems to give your crew comprehensive coverage, our team of competent and qualified fall protection specialists and engineers have the experience to address your needs.

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