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Riggers and facility personnel must access very difficult areas of high roof structures in which safe walking areas are very limited. We offer solutions to these issues by providing patterned horizontal lifelines and/or additional catwalks, platforms or ladders.

Horizontal Lifeline Systems (HLL)

A Horizontal Lifeline System provides customers with reliable engineered solutions for employees who are at risk of a fall while working at height. A Horizontal Lifeline System (HLL) includes a flexible line such as wire, rope or cable, with connectors at both ends for securing it horizontally between two anchorages or anchorage connectors.

There are two types of horizontal lifeline applications – permanent and temporary. A permanent horizontal lifeline is installed into a structure as a permanent anchor point. A temporary HLL means the system is easy to install and remove. For versatility, it can also be used on more than one jobsite.  Applications include construction, building and roof maintenance and inspection tasks. Whatever the task, whatever the environment, Safeguard has a suitable fall protection solution available.


HLL systems can be designed to follow the often complex contours found on wind turbines, lobbies, pipe racks and more. These systems have proven reliability in the worst climatic and environmental conditions, both onshore and offshore.


These products meets all applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards for fall protection.


UniRail has been tested to perform primarily as a fall arrest system, best practice demands that the system is designed to restrain a worker so that exposure to the risk of falling is minimized. UniRail is excellent for this purpose as the rail does not flex under load and, in the event of a fall, deflection is minimal, reducing the risk of injury from the fall and easing recovery of the fallen worker. In addition, unlike a cable fall protection system, loads applied in the event of fall are limited to the force produced via the fall arrest lanyard or self-retracting lifeline attached to the worker. This load is then distributed between the two nearest fixing brackets, making a rail system more beneficial for the structure. (In a cable system the fall arrest loads are multiplied and transferred to end or corner brackets, where the loads can be significantly higher than the arrest force.)

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