Permanent Rooftop Guardrail Systems

Secure your rooftop with our permanent freestanding roof railing. OSHA compliant, versatile, and long-lasting.

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Our rooftop guardrail systems integrate with existing ladders, equipment, and obstructions and provide durable OSHA and ANSI compliant fall protection for all standard rooftops including Membrane, Metal Profile, and Standing Seam up to 45°. Our handrail systems ensure commercial and public buildings satisfy Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. 

The KeeGuard system is a modular, freestanding roof edge safety railing system that does not penetrate the roof membrane. Fully tested and meets or exceeds current OSHA safety requirements.

All Types. All Shapes. Even the Corners.

KeeGuard component railings use the original Kee Klamp modular system for multiple configurations and versatility on uniquely shaped installations. Only KeeGuard offers optimal stability for all standard rooftop systems including Membrane, Metal Profile, and Standing Seam up to 45°. KeeGuard is engineered to eliminate risk on any flat or low-slope roof including:

• Composite Rooftop Systems 
• Roofs with Changes in Level 
• Complex Roof Shapes 
• Safe access to equipment located at roof edge 
• Green Roofs

Permanent Peace of Mind
The KeeGuard guardrail system provides permanent, free-standing and durable edge protection without penetration of the roofing membrane or the building structure. The hot-dipped galvanized finish is corrosion resistant and low maintenance for safe and dependable rooftop edge protection.

KeeGuard® Features

• Modular component system for multiple configurations 
• Adaptable to varying angles and radius edges 
• Accommodates ladders, equipment and rooftop obstructions 
• Simple counterbalance construction made from 100% recycled PVC 
• Durable galvanized finish is corrosion resistant 

KeeGuard® Benefits 

• Non-penetrating solution – roof membrane will not leak
• Passive barrier that protects all personnel; no training required
• Integrates easily with your current fall protection products
• Lower installation cost than fabricated pipe
• No rooftop parapet required installing KeeGuard®
• KeeGuard Roof Edge System includes pipe railings, uprights, bases, counterweights and fittings
• No specialized labor or work permits, no welding
• Tools required: torque wrench or hex key 

Permanent Guardrail

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