Horizontal Lifelines

Versatile fall arrest and fall restraint options for a variety of industries and applications.

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Modular Solutions for Rooftop Fall Arrest & Restraint

Safeguard’s full range of Horizontal Lifelines offer fully-compliant, practical safety solutions for structures of all types, in all industries. Lifeline Systems are used in a variety of industries and applications including; roofs, overhead cranes, pipe racks, railcars, water treatment facilities, arena rigging grids and many more.

Rooftop Horizontal Lifeline

Allow workers to move along the whole length of the Fall Protection System.

These linear anchoring devices remove the need to disconnect and fixing points of the anchorage in most circumstances. It is normally essential to include energy (or shock) absorbers within HLL in your Fall Arrest System in addition to those within the workers’ PPE.

Without such absorbers, the horizontal lifeline cannot deform significantly when arresting the fall. Because of the geometry of pulling across the horizontal lifeline, this in turn results in large resolved forces being generated within the anchor system, sufficient to cause failure of the anchorage. This can occur even with energy absorbers being included in the PPE of the worker.

Safeguard Industries is your qualified company to assess, review and engineer your Fall Arrest Systems complete with all components.

The load and horizontal line geometry in horizontal lifelines usually creates falls in excess of the 6 ft limitation of the OSHA/CSA standard, limiting HLL design to standard-defined “qualified persons”. The recognition of these basic weaknesses have resulted in most temporary “wrapped structure” HLL anchors, which were anchors made from a wire rope wrapped around a structure and its ends fastened together by wire rope clips, being replaced by fixed-point anchors or HLL systems designed by defined “qualified” persons.

The horizontal lifeline systems are designed to provide workers with freedom of movement on the rooftop while securely attached to the lifeline at all times. Our systems use 5/16″ grade 316 stainless steel wire and allow spans of up to 39′ between posts and can be utilized by up to three users at any one time.

Horizontal Lifeline

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MSA Latchways

MSA Latchways

You’ll find ManSafe solutions throughout the aerospace, power transmission, utilities and telecommunications sectors. They are used in every conceivable facet of industry, and they are integrated with all the major contemporary roofing systems.

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3M Captial


Our products, including roof anchors, horizontal lifelines & horizontal rail systems offer comprehensive protection for workers on all types of roofs and platforms. Our expert knowledge and practical experience can help our customers reduce risk and increase safety when working at height.

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XS Platform

XS Platform

If guardrails are not a feasible option for your project: our lifeline systems offer absolute safety. With a horizontal lifeline system, a user wears a harness that is connected to permanent steel cable track that runs through multiple anchor points fixed in the roof.

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