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Kee Line is an OSHA-compliant rooftop safety lifeline system from the company that separates people from hazards.

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Reliable Performance for Fall Protection When Working at Height

SHA & OH&S standards require that any person working at height must be protected from falling with an approved safety system. Collective protection barriers, such as a rooftop guardrail, is a common solution. However, when a collective protection solution is not an option, or a concealed solution is required to maintain the aesthetics of a building, the Kee Line system is ideal.

Used in both fall restraint and fall arrest applications, this versatile solution provides handsfree work at height protection when guardrail isn’t a fit.


The systems are uniquely designed for your exact rooftop specification, allowing you to work hands free safely at height.

Membrane Roof: An upright post system incorporates a cutting-edge post and base plate design for use on membrane roofs. 

Standing Seam Roof: Utilizing the same range of brackets as standard roof systems, Kee Line® can be installed quickly and easily on standing seam roofs. 

Buildings and Structures: Kee Line® for Structures provides the horizontal lifeline components to allow mounting directly to concrete, steel, brick or stonework either in the horizontal or overhead application. 

Kee Line Overhead: Provides personal protection for up to two users. Lifeline system is mounted directly above the user for tasks including overhead crane access, vehicle loading, machine & building maintenance, cleaning and access. 

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Providing Fall Protection for International Brands