Vertical Lifelines & Ladder Davit Systems

Versatile OSHA-compliant fall arrest and personal fall protection for fixed ladder, tanks, and towers.

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Cable based vertical lifelines and ladder davits with self-retracting lifelines.

The OSHA update to the 1910 general industry standard for fall protection included a major change aimed at the unsafe use of cages on ladders for fall protection. New fixed ladders that extend over 24’ above a lower level must be equipped with a personal fall arrest system. Over time, all existing ladder over 24’ must also be retrofitted with a vertical fall arrest system.

One of the challenges with ladder fall arresting systems is determining if the ladder is capable of supporting the loads of a personal fall arrest system. Many ladders were never designed with the intention of being able to take the loads and forces that occur during a fall. This is why having an experienced fall protection engineer on your team is especially important.

It is important to ensure that your vertical fall arrest system does not create any additional hazards to your workers. Your Safeguard fall protection specialist will not only evaluate the dimensional aspects of your ladder but also the means of entry and exit from the system to provide a solution that protects your workers not only during the climb but also during access.

Benefits of our Vertical Systems

Universally Compatible systems can be designed for any ladder configuration.
Worker Safety continuous protection provided over entire length of system. Vertical Systems and Ladder Davits lock immediately when a fall occurs.
OSHA Compliant meets the 2017 standards for ladders. Durable High-grade materials ensure a long lasting system.
Efficient systems are designed for quick and safe application and use. Shuttle unit glides freely over stainless steel cables when climbing.

Rooftop Fall Protection Solutions

For more than two decades, SafeGuard Industries active and passive fall protection systems have set new standards in engineering and manufacturing excellence.

A rigid post anchor offering that is unmatched in the industry, a wide variety of innovative freestanding and non-penetrating leading edge fall products, and user-focused support services all serve to provide our customers with a single source for effective and practical solutions to meet regulatory compliance, provide safe access, and protect work at height.

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