Inverted "L" Rigid Rail

Cantilevered fall arrest systems for work at height over vehicles, railcars, and structures.

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Freestanding Fall Arrest Systems That Provide Long-Span Coverage

Even the most experienced and capable worker can run into unexpected issues when accessing the tops of railroad cars, tankers, trailers, and other outdoor rolling equipment. At an average of 15 feet high, the relatively low height of most of the walking / working height in these environments can appear deceivingly safe. However, even the most experienced and capable worker can run into unexpected issues from a misplaced step to an impact from a moving railcar or trailer Fall Protection is not only a good practice to prevent injury it is an OSHA/CSA requirement and ANSI Z359 standard.

Our Inverted L freestanding permanent fall arrest systems provide an easy to use and dependable way for workers to protect themselves while working at height in environments with no existing structure.

Designed to match the job our Inverted L Rigid Rail systems are foundation-mounted and are designed for one or multiple users with or without by-pass to provide 900 maximum average arresting force for workers up to 400 pounds. System heights, spans, cantilevers and supports are all based on the working / walking surface and work performed.

Other variations of this design include T, Inverted U Systems, and Post-support.

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