VersiRail for Roofing

Where you need to restrict exposure to the hazard, the VersiRail range offers an aesthetically-pleasing collective protection solution for flat surfaces up to a 10° slope.

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VersiRail comes as either a freestanding option where there is no need to drill or penetrate the roof, or as a fixed option which can be permanently attached to the roof. Both freestanding and fixed solutions are available in three style choices; straight, curved or inclined and three finishes; natural, polished or powder coated to a RAL colour. Freestanding VersiRail can also be supplied in a folding option to lie flat on the roof when the system is not in use.

Specifications & Standards

  • Meets all appropriate international standards

Product Highlights

  • Durable aluminium, corrosion-resistant construction
  • Lightweight—quick and easy installation
  • 30% lighter than steel alternative
  • Fixed or freestanding (including folding) options
  • Designer looks—three finishes available
  • Adaptable, modular easy-fix system
  • Fully weatherproof
  • No need for annual inspection
  • Versatile—can be designed for any flat roof plan

Key Features


Freestanding option—no need to penetrate the roof


Fixed option—a range of different heights to meet your needs (300, 500, 700, 900, 1000 and 1100 mm)


Available in three styles—straight, curved, inclined.

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